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‘Look beneath the surface; never let a things’s intrinsic quality or worth escape you.’
Marcus Aurelius, ‘Meditations’

Vivos Consulting works with organisations to transform obstacles into solutions. Our consultants have a background in senior management with global organisations. This direct experience provides a rich understanding of the complexities and challenges present in today’s workplaces. We draw on this experience to come alongside our organisational clients for an agreed period of time. The stages of an intervention can be summarised as follows:

  • Listening:
    Each organisation is a unique blend of people, culture and relationships. Our consulting approach is tailored to your requirements. Listening to your story is the starting point of our consultancy. It enables us to build up a full and detailed set of pictures of your organisational system. This will include both the snapshots which are readily available, and the images which are located below the everyday surface.
  • Understanding:
    The listening stage gives rise to understandings on both sides. As we engage with you, your language, your conversations, meanings and aspirations, we begin to see connections. Patterns become tangible, allowing them to be explored and analysed. This enables us to build hypotheses about what might be happening within the organisation. We share these with you, of course – nothing is held back. This is a particularly creative part of the process in which ideas can be considered in a free-flowing way, without a premature commitment to action.
  • Insight:
    Following a period of listening and exploratory conversation, in consultation with you, we arrive at an initial formulation of the work which needs to be carried out. Our approach is future-focused – by engaging with the past and present of the organisation, we help you to build its future. Together we devise a solution plan to address the issues which have arisen throughout the initial conversations. These are step-by-step processes, which simplify complex situations and distil them into actions which can be taken in the real world.
  • Progress:
    While outcomes are always specific to the situation, a consulting intervention can result in more effective leadership, greater clarity of organisational goals, a more resilient workplace, and improved communication. Typically, at the beginning of a project, we decide on the key indicators to measure success. These enable us to monitor the consultancy’s vital signs. Progress towards agreed outcomes is measured and recorded throughout the assignment, making the process clear and tangible.

Review and follow-up are an integral part of the design. When we plan the consultancy, we determine the form it will take; for example: a meeting after one to three months, a future meeting after six months, and a final meeting after a year. In those meetings, in addition to reviewing progress together, we take the ‘vital signs’ again to ensure that progress is maintained. This ensures that the consultancy work has an enduring impact on organisational performance.

Reference: Marcus Aurelius (AD 121-180). Meditations, translated by Maxwell Staniforth. Penguin Great Ideas. London: Penguin, 2004.