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Facilitating growth

Today’s rapidly changing organisations place great demands on leaders. Coaching is a one-to-one relationship which is carefully designed to support the client’s development in his or her professional role. Unlike training, it is individualised and tailored to the needs of each leader, as well as the goals of the organisation.

Executive coaching consists of a series of intensive sessions with a coaching consultant who understands the issues faced by leaders, and who is trained to facilitate exploration and growth. It works at a transformative level to free up potential and remove barriers to achievement. The basis of a successful coaching contract is partnership, authentic communication and cooperative working. The sessions become a laboratory for changes, which are taken back to the organisation and tested between meetings.

The ‘Vivos Consulting’ approach to executive coaching focuses on the story told by the individual about his or her professional journey, in the context of the wider organisation and its goals. In working with that story we provide full, written process notes to the client for each session attended. Over time, these become a lasting account of the work which has taken place.

Coaching takes place within a framework agreed between the client and the consultant and, if required, his or her manager. Our standard coaching package consists of six sessions, each lasting two hours. Sessions take place at monthly intervals. Bespoke coaching contracts can be created according to organisational need. This can include extended sessions with longer time intervals between meetings, which may suit the needs of leaders based outside the UK.

Sessions can take place at the client’s workplace or, if preferred, a convenient offsite location.