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Developing leaders for the 21st century

We work with both individual leaders and leadership teams. The interaction begins by listening closely to the specific issues on which the leader or leadership team wishes to focus.

Each situation is unique and understanding the context is essential for effective developmental work. The next stage is to design a consulting plan to address the issues raised. This may include some or all of the following elements:

Joining leadership team meetings

  • Providing feedback
  • Promoting exploratory conversations
  • Setting goals

Coaching with individual leaders

For more details go to our executive coaching section.

Assessing the impact of your leadership team within the organisation as a whole

  • Seeking feedback from the wider employee group
  • Employee focus groups
  • Engagement surveys

Revisiting core values

  • Is the leadership team still aligned with its core values?
  • Are the core values known and practised within the wider organisation?

Exploring and leadership team process

  • Examining key leadership themes
  • Empowering teams
  • Facilitating conversations

In-house leadership training

  • Training in the ‘Vivos Consulting’ approach to leadership
  • Leading for the 21st century

Thinking about leadership has changed significantly in the last twenty years. While technical competence, intellect and knowledge are still vital components of a leader’s portfolio, the emphasis for twenty-first century leaders is increasingly on ‘softer skills’, what we might term ‘psychological components of leadership’. Our model illustrates the interrelationship of these elements.

Leadership model

In working with leaders, we hold these layers in a creative tension, whilst keeping in mind the key focus of the organisation.