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The ability to manage an organization dynamically so that it can both shape its environment and rapidly adapt to it is becoming the most important source of competitive advantage in the twenty-first century.”

Keller and Price, McKinsey, 2011

Helping your team find the right direction

We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century, it will be more like 20,000 years”

Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google.

Change happens all the time, but now it is happening faster, much faster. The concept of ‘disruption’ is one of the most frequently used terms in current writing about leadership. It refers to challenge from new technologies, competition from fast growing start-up companies, a rapidly evolving marketplace and a radical shift in the global market.

Disruption creates a demanding and often stressful environment for leaders. Our consultants work with leaders to build resilience and help them develop the ability to flex with the changing picture. Now is not the time for ‘business as usual’. Navigating a course which ensures that current goals are achieved, whilst also keeping an eye to the future, may require a change of mindset. Managing personal stress and work-life balance is a necessary part of this process.

Even with excellent planning and conscientious communication, many managers are taken aback by the resistance experienced in their organisations to modest changes. This can be a major issue when seeking to create agile, responsive and productive companies and organisations. We focus on the hidden drag factors which may upset the best-laid plans. Understanding why some people express outward acceptance, and yet do not deliver, is the first step to ensuring that your change process is effective.

We can help you to navigate change by:

  • Working alongside you and your teams to plan change initiatives
  • Proving training in stress management and building resilience
  • Providing coaching to individual leaders
  • Coaching leadership teams